Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Two countries. Same Boat. Two methods.

I am enjoying two (among others) satisfactions from the 2007 publication of my book, Drift Boats and River Dories: The histories of these fine boats is much more broadly known, as well as the stories of the people behind the boats; and I am approaching 100 reports from people across the globe who have re-created one of these functional dories for their personal use. Here are a couple of current examples:

Gordon Olafson, Ladysmith BC, is building his Rogue River dory from the book. He formed the boat on a strongback to assure accuracy and now has a completed hull. He returns from the southern hemisphere in early March to complete the boat.

Across North America in Bolton, CT, David Sianez is crafting a quarter-scale model of the Rogue dory from the book. His approach is to model the boat first to determine interior configurations that suit his needs, then build it full-size via the stitch and glue method. 

Same boat. Two different methods. Two countries. How cool is that?

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